Radon-Resistant Construction

Currently there isn’t a way to test for radon in new construction — before a structure is built. Additionally, radon is unpredictable and thus a structure across the street or next door does not provide a reliable barometer as to whether or not the new structure will have radon. However, we do have data that tells us whether a particular area is prone to elevated levels of radon. As more testing is done, many areas are proving to have elevated radon levels that were previously unknown. Click here for a map of Northern California with areas prone to high radon and click here for a map of radon in Nevada.  

a house under construction
drawing of a passive radon system for new construction

It is possible to build a passive system into new construction that can later be activated if the home tests high once completed. This is known as radon resistant construction and is required by some jurisdictions such as Carson City, NV given the prevalence of radon in the region. The inclusion of radon resistant construction is cost effective and enables the system to be “hidden” within the home much like indoor plumbing is hidden. EIC is available to consult with your contractor and engineer in designing a radon resistant system for your home or commercial property. We encourage you to bring us in early on in the process as we have found engineers not trained in radon resistant construction can often make the process more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.