City of SLT Adopts Radon Resistant Building Codes

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The City of South Lake Tahoe has adopted mandatory Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC) building codes starting in 2015 and moving forward. New construction projects require the implementation of RRNC techniques that act as a preventative measure to lowering radon levels indoors. These “passive” techniques can be implemented considerably cheaper than a full “active” radon mitigation later down the road.

Radon Resistant Building Codes

The Five Basic Components to building green with Radon Resistant New Construction are:

  1. Gravel – lay 4’’ of clean, coarse gravel under the slab to allow the gases to move freely under the foundation
  2. Plastic Sheeting or Vaper Retarder – place 6 mil polyethylene plastic or vaper retarder over the soil or gravel
  3. Vent Pipe – Run a 3’’ or 4’’ PVC pipe vertically from the gravel layer to safely vent radon gas outside above the house
  4. Sealing & Caulking – seal all openings and cracks in the concrete foundation floor
  5. Junction Box – install an electrical outlet in the attic for use with a vent fan should one be needed
    When properly installed, passive radon mitigation systems can keep radon levels down without the assistance of a radon fan. New construction homes can be built radon resistant with a permanently installed passive radon system.